Noooo, I hate Sunday nights!

After church, went to the mall. Sister bought me a new wallet, mac eyeliner (realized that it sucked because it smeared ALOT! According to my sister), and some super duper cute and awesome shoes I found at Goodwill. I swear, it was the best find EVARR! Will post pictures later..along with my glasses. Haha.
Ugh, I'm so tired of depending on my sister to buy me stuff because I have no job. I need one sooo freakin bad. Which reminds me, I need to buy my senior sweater by Friday. I hate asking my parents for money because they always hesitate. I know, I wish my parents were'nt like that. So I might have to ask my sister for 30 bucks. Or maybe I should just take out mony out of my $400 savings account. Geez, give me a job already God! Pleasseeee!!
I need to read my governement shit. Dude, Mr. B needs to calm down with all the assignments. This is why I will not register to vote. So fucking boring.
Tomorrow I will be taking my permit. Darn, I need to review my handouts before I sleep too. I shoud get off the net soon.
Let's hope I pass. Highly doubt it.

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