Why, you're not my sister anymore

It makes me sad. How she's not the same person anymore. Reading it just shocks me every single day. You're a completely different person when ever you hang out with your "new" friends. Hugging the toilet. Making out. Lying to your own fucking family. Lying to me. Calling her your BFF. I thought I was, even though we need not to say we were. You're gone. You're really gone. You're gone at least 5 times a week with him. Just typing this I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Gosh, am I too dependent on you? Am I too selfish to let you go? Am I afraid to be alone? Yes. Yes, I am. Goodbye, I know for sure this is the end. It's just like back then but worse because I'm already attached to you. No more late night runs to the store because you do it with him now. No more watching free movies at the theatre because you do it with him now. No more shopping together on a weekly basis because you're lying to me that you're spending the nights at Linda's when you're really spending the night at his. No more family game nights at T's house anymore because you're drinking at his house instead. I thought he was gay. I thought he was a chicken. You even agreed. I really do think this is the end of our bond. You've only used me anyways.

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