Japantown Haul

My sister and I went to go pick up my other sister back from Washington. So, knowing me (who always love an opportunity to go to Japantown) my sister kindly took me there. I love SF. I can't wait to live there. Ahh~~

My addiction!!
I have so many pairs of lashes.

All my goodies

Don't you just love the bay area's weather?

My dinner bento.

Mmm. Yes! Miso soup!

On our way back home.

I can't wait to go back to SF. Hopefully I get to come back again this December for my 18th birthday. Oh, I wanna do so much stuff because whenever I'm there, I always feel rushed all the time. Gahh, excited for all the stuff we might do!
I still have alot of homework to do. And my stomach is killing me. I shall go do a roughdraft of my Hamlet essay now.

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